July 22nd 2018


Well, there are a few changes in town which you may be interested in.

Firstly, many of you will have enjoyed drinks at the Dice Bar over the years.  Sadly, the bar shut at the end of last year and is now being converted into the new Harbourmaster’s office     I imagine there will be a lot more work going on before the site is up and running but I will keep you informed.


An sad add-on to this new site is that a chunk of seafront at Dim Elit restaurant has been cordoned off.  There are no longer any tables out on the seafront jetty and whilst there are still tables along the promenade, the sea view is ruined by a wire fence running all the way along.   Not good news for this popular eating place.
I mentioned recently that the kultur merkezi had installed an aircon pipe outside.   Well, they have now knocked a big hole in the back wall which looks as if it is going to be an entrance of some kind   It’s a big opening – looks big enough for vehicles to get in.   Maybe they are going to make it a garage!

To finish on a lighter note – you never know what you are going to see here.   I walked through the market place yesterday and passed by a minibus with its doors open and the driver asleep on the back seat.   Nothing unusual in that….but he had obviously done his washing at the communal fountain and all his clothes (including his undies) were dangling from the wing mirrors, windscreen wipers and any other available hangers.

Only a  few more days before we leave for our summer stay in the UK so next week, it will be Life in Wellington again.   I am looking forward to investigating the new terminal at Dalaman airport.