22nd May 2016 

I am sorry to have to tell you that I am writing this with rain pattering down on the balcony.   Hopefully this is the last of the wet weather until the autumn, but all the shopkeepers are saying that after the mild dry winter, we need all the water we can get.

This week saw the start of the annual yayla walk when intrepid walkers recreate the annual exodus of lowland farmers to the hills ready for the summer.    We had a notice from the local council setting out the times and dates the walk would be passing through Gocek, including two concerts in the main square.   Sadly, nothing happened!   I understand four walkers were seen but the concerts were definitely non-events.   Still, as we so often say, this is Turkey!

If any of you are planning to visit Fethiye, you might find this article in Fethiye Times interesting (CLICK HERE). It appears to say that although parking charges have been abolished in the town,  you might still be charged!   I repeat ….this is Turkey!

The town has been pretty busy this week as it was Gocek Race week and the yachties have been enjoying themselves in the bars and restaurants at night….and queuing up at the supermarkets morning and evening.   I mentioned the new Macrocenter supermarket last week…they certainly picked the right time to open.   Incidentally, I went into the new Gourmet Shop, also mentioned last week.    It’s absolutely full of stock, so much so that it’s quite difficult to see what is in there, but nothing particularly exciting that I could see, so far.