22nd January 2017 

The week started off appallingly – strong winds, torrential rain, power cuts and no internet, but since Wednesday we have had blue skies and sunshine.   Somehow you can put up with the bad weather when you know it won’t last!

We had some good news this week.   Having been told that the bowling alley would be closed until the end of February, they decided to open for the two weeks’ school holidays.   So, once again, we are hurling balls down the alleys – if the weather changes, we shall be very glad of some recreation.

I was intrigued by this story in Fethiye Times regarding a young German visitor to Fethiye (CLICK HERE) I had no idea that journeymen still existed.

It’s encouraging to learn that the UK media has been involved in some positive news recently about coming to Turkey on holiday (CLICK HERE).  Let’s hope this helps to bring tourists back this summer – the town needs the business.

It is very quiet in town now, as always in the winter.   I do find it quite disconcerting that cars can drive along the main street at the moment- the bollards either end have been removed.  Still, I haven’t been mown down yet!