23rd September 2018

The evenings are starting to get darker but temperatures are still in the low 30s.   The forecast for next week sounds a bit cooler but at least we haven’t got the high winds which are in the UK.

Some good news for those of us who use Amazon for shopping.   There is now a base in Turkey (CLICK HERE) which will be interesting to try. It has always been possible to order most things from Amazon UK to be delivered here but hopefully this will cut the costs and speed up deliveries.

According to this article in Fethiye Times (CLICK HERE) products manufactured in Turkey are going to have new fancy labels showing information about the place of production etc.   Not sure if this will affect my shopping – maybe it will mean more to the Turkish people.

The conversion rate from GBP to TL still remains high 8.23 today.   Shopping is an absolute joy at the moment for us…..but I am sure it’s not so good for our Turkish neighbours.

I was interested to hear recently that in future, all sales or rentals of property here will have to be in Turkish lira instead of foreign currencies.  (CLICK HERE)   As property sales here this year appear to have mainly been to Turkish people, it will be interesting to see how this affects the property markets.

Market day again here in Gocek.   It looks pretty busy so time for a wander.