24th April 2016  

So Spring has certainly arrived now, lovely warm days and even fairly warm nights.   After a mild winter the locals are muttering about water shortages this summer…fingers crossed.

The town is quite busy now and a lot more shops and restaurants have opened.   We went into the butcher’s shop on the site of the old Café de Café yesterday – a good range of meat but not the cheapest in town.   The new drugstore, Gratis, is open next to where Tansas used to be and Baran Bufe has extended dramatically and now occupies the alleyway which leads to the square behind the Tansas building as well as extending out to the side street.   The tables are rather dark but that may be an advantage in the height of summer.

Yesterday was Childrens’ Day in Turkey and the town was heaving with cars and families enjoying the festive atmosphere.   It’s a big day here and although I didn’t go down to see the dancing in the morning, I understand all the hard work the kids have put in really paid off.

You never know what you are going to see here.   Sitting quietly on our balcony with an evening g and t, we suddenly spotted some strange movement down the road.   A Turkish lady was leading her black cow and a couple of goats to graze on the small patch of grass on the side of the market place!   A reminder that although Gocek appears to be a westernised town, the old customs still exist.   One of the reasons we are here.