24th January 2016

There’s not a lot of news this week.  The weather has been pretty awful although we have bright sunshine this weekend.   The town is quiet;  it’s always strange in the wintertime when traffic can drive through the main street and park in the square.

There was big drama in Fethiye the other day when a yacht caught fire in Ege Marina (CLICK HERE)  It must have been pretty dramatic.

It’s good news to hear that the Gocek Animal shelter has found a new home.   They do invaluable work caring and rehoming stray dogs and it has been a worrying time for them finding new premises.

As usual at this time of year, oranges and lemons are dropping off the trees and forming a squashed carpet on the ground.   It seems so sad that all this fruit (which costs a bomb in the UK) is just left to rot here.   I understand a lot of marmalade making is under way!

Whether you spend a lot of time here or just come for a holiday, this article might be of interest (CLICK HERE). I don’t know much about Netflix but I think it may be good news for those avid film-watchers among us.