24th September 2017 

The town is slowly quietening down now the children are back at school.    There are still a lot of boats in the marinas and the restaurants are still busy at night, but at least the long queues at the supermarkets have stopped.

You never know what is going to happen here.   The other evening around 9pm we were sitting quietly watching television when there was a ring on our doorbell.   Our next door neighbour was there with the lad from downstairs, looking rather fraught.    Apparently she had just come home from work but couldn’t open her front door.   Her 15 year old son had locked it from the inside and gone to sleep and she couldn’t wake him!    We banged on the door, we shouted loudly but we couldn’t wake him.   Pete tried to unscrew the lock but that didn’t work.   He tried every housebreaking method he could think of but no luck.    By that time, of course, being Turkey, the other neighbours were offering advice…loudly.

Finally our neighbour decided that she would have to go and stay at her family house that night but help was at hand!  Our downstairs neighbour (a young fit woman) announced she would go over the roof, in the dark, and lower herself onto the balcony.    Bearing in mind that the roof is three floors up and pretty steep, I thought this was brave but extremely stupid.   Anyway off she went with torches shining to show her the way….and she did it!   Prolonged applause from all the bystanders.
I’d love to know what the mother said to her son who had slept through it all.

We had another lovely short break at the Hotel Canada in Cirali – we really can’t fault it. We didn’t do a lot while we were there, just lazed around the pool.

Nothing much interesting in the local papers this week, maybe next week will be better.