28th January 2018 

After a few windy rainy days, we sat on the balcony yesterday in glorious sunshine with the thermometer showing 20 degrees!   The forecast is similar for almost the whole of next week – eat your hearts out, those of you in the UK.

Some of you will know that I have been swimming in the pool at the Yagmur hotel ever since we first came out to Turkey 11 years ago.    Our families have stayed there together with a number of friends we have met over the years.   In recent years the hotel has had a tough time for various reasons, but we still wander down from time to time to see how things are going.   We had heard rumours that major rebuilding was scheduled for this winter but were still surprised to find this week that the apartment blocks are all being demolished.   In fact, the lorries full of rubble have been coming past our place over the last couple of days.  Apparently new luxury apartments and villas are being built – watch this space for news and photos!

The town is still very quiet but there is a lot of work going on in various restaurants.   Lotus Kitchen and Ozcan are full of activity.   West café still hasn’t finished its major refurbishment but I don’t think it will be long now – it certainly looks very different.

The new building where the newsagents used to be is coming on fast and there are lots and lots of new houses being built all around the town.    I imagine we shall continue to see an influx of visitors from Istanbul this year.

The rate is still amazing – 5.34 TL to £1 – it just keeps going up.   Surely it can’t last.