26th March 2017

Well, it’s all activity in Gocek this week.   We have yellow lines and numbers all over the market place floor now.  I presume these mark out the individual stall locations but I can’t imagine that the stallholders will take much notice – we shall see.

The main street is now all concreted and there are piles of paving slabs all over the place
It looks as though there are actually going to be pavements to the side of the road – again, it will be interesting to see if pedestrians take any notice!

I had a hilarious time this week trying to translate Turkish to English.    We went to buy a few bits in Bim and the young girl at the till told me that they had a special offer on minced beef.  We went over to the chiller and she then produced a packet of hindi (turkey) and asked if I wanted it.   As she had been trying out her limited English on me, I smiled happily, pointed at the hindi and said ‘Turkey’.   No, she said ‘hindi’.    I then had to try to explain the difference between Turkey the country and turkey, the meat.   We managed in the end after a lot of hysterical laughter!

I imagine a lot of us will be concerned at the announcement that all electronic devices larger than a smartphone can no longer be taken into the cabin on flights from Turkey to the UK .
(CLICK HERE)  I thoroughly support any actions taken to make sure our flights are safe but I am having a lot of trouble trying to work out how to get iPlayer on my phone so I can watch downloads during the journey.   Still, better safe……