5th March 2018 

Thank goodness we are back to a 2 hour time difference with the UK.   The 3 hour winter gap does make communication difficult sometimes.

The town is definitely getting more lively.   It will be interesting to see if we have any European visitors for the Easter holiday.

The children have started practicing dancing for Childrens Day – it is lovely to see the little ones taking it so seriously.

It will be a two year wait but this article in Hurriyet Daily News reports on the excavation of an antique theatre near Denizli. (CLICK HERE) Let’s hope its to the same amazing standard as those we have already visited.

The conversion rate continues to rise - £1 is now 5.63 tl.   Worth changing your money now for your next trip to Turkey.

I hear that the bowling alley is likely to open again at the beginning of April.   We have really missed our bowling sessions during the winter – such a pity there isn’t enough local support to keep it going throughout the year.

I am delighted to hear that Club Nen is also opening at the beginning of April.   I am really looking forward to more delicious Indian food…..and poppadoms!