25th November 2018

I think I must accept that summer is now over.  We had three rainy days at the start of the week but since then the sun has still been shining although once the sun goes in about 4.30 the temperature drops to around 12!!

The town is very quiet now;  most of the handbag and dress shops have closed although the supermarkets are still open, apart from Gourmet Garage.

A while ago I published a link to a report on the new Turkish law which only allowed property purchases and rentals to be paid for in Turkish lira.  This article in Yellali this week indicates that the authorities have had second thoughts! (CLICK HERE)

Over our years in Turkey we have been amazed by the numbers of ancient archaeological sites which can be visited.  Apparently another ancient city dating back 2,700 years has been discovered on the Gallipoli peninsula.  (CLICK HERE). It will be interesting to learn what they discover.

I haven’t played badminton for many, many years but if anyone is interested, apparently there is a badminton club in Fethiye (CLICK HERE).   It’s surprising how much is going on in the area.  Even Scottish country dancing!

So a month today Father Christmas will be hohoho…ing over the UK – judging by the adverts on BBC TV it’s already happening.

We are off to the UK next Friday for 5 weeks so next Sunday it will be Life in Wellington!