25th September 2016 

Autumn has suddenly arrived.  Within the last few days, the evenings and nights have become much cooler and we had a day of thunderstorm and torrential rain this week.   Still, it cleared the air and the days are still warm and sunny.  I must remember it will be the end of September next week – it really is autumn now.

We had an evening of incredibly loud music coming from the Grand Gocek hotel last night.   As we had a procession of cars all hooting loudly come round the market place in the afternoon, I think the wedding season is back.

The town is still quite busy.  Even though most of the Turkish tourists have gone who were here for bayram, there are still quite a few yachts in the marinas and visitors wandering round the shops.

We experienced another example of amazing Turkish service this week.    A friend, who is staying at the Yagmur hotel, found that she could not charge her iPad or phone as her charger was faulty.   Unfortunately we didn’t have the right type in our extensive collection of electrical bits and pieces.   A Turkish friend, also staying at the Yagmur, phoned Zeki, the newsagent in town, to ask if he had this particular type in stock.   The reply was ‘Yes, shall I sent the boy along to the hotel to deliver it?’   The lad turned up about ten minutes later with the correct charger!!   Can you imagine this happening in the UK?

I came across this article in Hurriyet Daily News this week.  (CLICK HERE)  Promoting a bazaar as a global brand – even one as extraordinary as the one in Istanbul?  Does this make it a bizarre bazaar?