26th August 2018

Do you realize that it is only 4 months to Christmas?   Here in the UK Christmas cards and calendars are on sale already – isn’t that depressing?   Mind you, the weather could be December – last night registered 7 degrees here in Somerset.    Still only ten days to go and we shall be back in the sunshine.

I hear Gocek has been heaving during Kurban Bayram which is great news for the shopkeepers.   However, parking has been a nightmare with double parking all over the place.    Hopefully it will have quietened down by the time we get back.

I had an interesting experience yesterday.  I accompanied a family member to a local hospital for a scan and was amazed at how different it was to the Esnaf.   Whenever we go to our Turkish hospital, it is always heaving, whatever time of the day it is.  OK, yesterday was Saturday, but there wasn’t a soul around – no family groups of people all talking loudly, no porters and staff rushing around – just tranquil calm and peace.    Interesting.

Did you know that there is a ‘pet beach’ opening in Bodrum?   Read more in (CLICK HERE). The article doesn’t specify which sorts of pets – would your pet python or crocodile be welcome??

Talking of animals, I had to laugh at this article detailing how a cow, destined for sacrifice last week,
escaped into the sea.  I fully appreciate the importance of Kurban Bayram to the Muslim community, but this did amuse me (CLICK HERE).

Sorry about the emphasis on animals this week but at least it’s better than moaning about the rain.