26th February 2017

Almost March!   We have had a lovely sunny week and the frogs are now in full throttle in the canal.

I read this article with interest the other day (CLICK HERE).  Sunexpress don’t appear to fly from the UK but from a number of European countries.   Let’s hope their optimism is accurate – whatever nationality, the town needs more tourists!

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that we had applied to our new ikamets (residency permits).   Two days ago I had a text telling me that the documents were on their way to our home address
and the postman turned up at our door the following day with my ikamet.   Strangely, Pete’s hasn’t arrived yet (even though we applied on the same day) but I imagine it will be delivered tomorrow.    What has impressed me is that I even received a text message from the PTT confirming that my document had been delivered to my home address!   Bearing in mind that my new UK passport was just shoved through my UK letterbox without any signature, this is pretty impressive security.

I was amused by this video detailing 8 things only a foreigner living in Turkey would understand. (CLICK HERE)   It’s so true!   I particularly like Turkish Time and Queue Jumping.