26th June 2016

So, I am now having to put the butter in the fridge, check all dried goods – flour, etc. for insects and we have the fan on all night in the bedroom.  Yes, summer has arrived.  The last few days have been a debilitating 40 degrees although, thank goodness, the forecast is cooler for next week.

As you know, I steer clear of politics in this blog, but since the UK referendum result this week I have been asked by several friends whether the result will make any difference to our residence in Turkey.  I can’t see why it should but who knows – trying to foresee any change in this country is an impossibility – we shall just have to wait and see.

The town is still very quiet. Mainly the tourists I see here are off boats and only wandering around looking at the shops.   This article in Hurriyet Daily News confirms the gloomy figures for May. (CLICK HERE) Still, I was intrigued to see that Belgium is also suffering from a dearth of tourists. I must admit, I hadn’t really considered it a major tourism centre!

After the gloomy predictions on the decrease in tourism here this year, I enjoyed this rather tongue in cheek article in Yell Ali (CLICK HERE)   I must admit that the points made are relevant – although there are tourists in town, you can still wander through without constantly avoiding other people and although I think shopkeepers are worried about the situation, they still greet you with a smile and give you the same cheerful service as always.