27th March 2016

I hope you all remembered to change your clocks this morning – at least this time Turkey is doing it on the same day as the rest of Europe.   After last time when we delayed for two weeks, we really could do without the confusion.

Another sign of spring yesterday when the first mosquito spraying van of the season did the rounds.   Hopefully it will have done the trick with the new round of mini-mossies.

We may not have mosquitoes but we did have our first infestation of ants in the kitchen the other day.  It’s unusually early this year, along with so many other things.

Whilst watching UK ITV the other day, I was very puzzled to see an advert for Turkish Airlines appearing to suggest that they were now flying to Gotham City.   Luckily a recent article in Hurriyet Daily News (CLICK HERE) has explained it to me!

I mentioned recently that we had seen the first tortoise in the garden this year – I saw this article in Fethiye Times (CLICK HERE) which actually gives quite a lot of information about tortoises which was new to me.    Maybe I have just led a shell-tered life.

In a few days we shall be off to the UK for a couple of weeks so once again look out for Life in Wellington next week.