27th May 2018 

The last Sunday in May already!   After a few really hot days we had a couple of big thunderstorms on Friday night with more to follow.  Still, at least it will stock the water reserves up!

We went into Fethiye this week and walked along the seafront for the first time in ages.   There is an amazing fountain just by the main car park and a very clever line of shrubs by the culture centre which are being trained to spell Fethiye.    Whilst we aren’t always in favour of some of the changes to Fethiye over the years, they really are making efforts over the ornamental aspects of the centre.

We had a great boat trip out this week on a boat called Beyaz.   It was very comfortable, the food was excellent and the staff were very helpful.  It’s half way down the seafront in Gocek if anyone is interested.

I am sorry to see that the Turkcell shop in town has closed.   Apparently, understandably, there wasn’t enough business to keep it going.   I suppose with the supermarkets offering good deals and, of course, the internet, there is so much competition these days but it was sometimes so useful to ask for Ahmed’s help with problems.

Also, surprise, surprise, one of the new shops on the site, where Zeki the newsagent used to be, is…..another handbag shop!   This one looks very upmarket so I shall stick to buying genuine fakes in the market.

For those of you in the UK, have a great bank holiday.    For those of us here, enjoy the thunderstorms.