28th August 2016

Goodness, August is almost over.   The temperature is beginning to drop slightly although it is still very humid here.   The mornings and evenings are starting to draw in as well;  it’s getting dark by 8 p.m. now.

The town seems reasonably busy although a lot of the visitors are Turks.  We walked along the sea front the other night and only three restaurants were busy – West, Ozcan and the Limon.   The rest were lucky to have a couple of people sitting eating.  Still, it will be Kurban Bayram (the Feast of Sacrifice) in a couple of weeks which should bring more holidaymakers.

Once again the eggs from loggerhead turtles are hatching.   This article in Hurriyet Daily News amused me with its reference to baby turtles being directed to the sea by a flashing light! (CLICK HERE). 

I mentioned last week that the new rules regarding Residency Permits had been clarified with reference to the 120 day rule.   This article sets out the regulations clearly – especially the bit about Long Term Residency Permits (CLICK HERE)

I don’t know if any of my readers work or are thinking of working in Turkey.   If there are any of you out there, this article regarding new regulations for Work Permits might be helpful.  Still sounds pretty complicated! (CLICK HERE)

It’s market day again so I am off to buy luscious nectarines, peaches and figs at minimal prices – hooray.