29th January 2017

It seems unbelievable that January is almost over.  We have had a week of gale-force winds and electricity cuts – normal for this time of year.

Still, it’s getting closer to British Summer Time and a time difference of only two hours again!!

I have recently noticed an increase in the number of Mugla council-run buses in Fethiye.   Apparently even the dolmus co-op is now under the control of Fethiye council…maybe this accounts for the non-arrival of my bus from Fethiye to Gocek the other day!   The dolmus timetable has also changed so be warned!

I was intrigued and a little amused by this article concerning part of a statue recently found in southwest Turkey (I believe somewhere around Marmaris).  (CLICK HERE)    Looking at the picture, it doesn’t seem possible that it gives enough archaeological detail…..still, better leave it to the experts.

There is a new café opened in Fethiye ….called Bim Bum…..I think they got it a bit wrong somewhere!