28th October 2018 

A very sudden change in temperature this week.  Although the days are still bright and sunny with temperatures around 23 – 25, the nights have really drawn in and to my mind, anyway, are distinctly colder.   The other night it was only 11 degrees!  So the jumpers and fleeces are out, long trousers and socks being washed and aired and…..my electric blanket is back on the bed.

I was very amused by this update on traffic laws here.   How much notice do you think Turkish drivers will take? (CLICK HERE).  I love the idea of a Turkish driver being fined for using a mobile whilst driving!

For those of you who come out for visits here using a tourist visa, please remember that you can’t get one at the airport any more. (CLICK HERE). So make sure you get your visa on line before you come out again.

We have never been to Olu Deniz for the annual Air Games.   This article in Fethiye Times makes me wish we had gone (CLICK HERE). There is a mention of the World Air Olympics being held in Fethiye 2020 – that will be an event worth seeing.

So from today we are back to a 3-hour time difference between the UK and Turkey – what a pain.