29th April 2018

Not surprisingly, the good weather didn't last and we are back to April showers and temperatures around 14 in the daytime and 5 at night.

We found an interesting shop the other day in Torrington, which is near Bideford, in Devon.    It was run by a young man who recycles plastics - bottles, bottle tops, bits of Lego, etc. - into things like keyrings and other bits and bobs.   Very enterprising, particularly in view of the current emphasis in the media on the hazards of plastic waste.

We also visited the Aerospace museum in Bristol, which houses the last Concorde ever flown.    It really was such a beautiful aircraft - a pity it couldn't continue in service.

This weekend we are in Northamptonshire visiting family.    We stopped en route at Waddesden Manor, a beautiful National Trust house originally owned by the Rothschild family.   We toured the huge wine cellar (surprise surprise) where we found a half jereboam of wine which contains the equivalent of 6 bottles!!    Just the thing for a party.

We also made a long planned visit to Bletchley Park, the WW2 code breaking centre.   Interesting to see a number of school groups there.    The info on code breaking was mind-boggling.

Only a couple of weeks now before we are back in the sunshine.   Finding flights at a reasonable price is proving a nightmare.....but we shall succeed.    I need to get home!