30th October 2016

What amazing weather we have had this October.   Temperatures during the day of around 27/28 and nighttime around 16 degrees.   Still, it can’t last and we are going to get a nasty shock sometime soon when winter hits without autumn to get us acclimatized.

I am always interested in  details of new archaeological sites being excavated and this Roman bath certainly sounds worth visiting in the future.  I’m not quite sure where Yozgat is but this certainly looks interesting. (CLICK HERE)

I came across this article this week which lists the most common mistakes made when applying for a new residency permit.   I have to renew mine in the New Year so I found this quite interesting, particularly the point about the need for passports to have sufficient time left to cover the new permit plus two extra months.   As my residency permit is due for renewal in March 2017 and my passport expires in February 2018, I am going to have to apply for a new UK passport before the end of this year.   A bit of a pain but hopefully I can get it done whilst we are in the UK for Christmas.  (CLICK HERE)

We drove into Fethiye yesterday and the road between Inlice and Gocek is closed due to roadworks.    Is this the start of the rumoured tunnel between Gocek and Inlice?   Watch this space….