29th October 2017

Autumn has suddenly arrived here in Gocek.  After a week of temperatures around 27 degrees, this last week brought two days of torrential rain and thunder, cloudy skies and a drop in daytime temperature to around 22.   The time has come to start sorting out the inside of the apartment for the winter.   I don’t like this transition;  I am so happy to spend the long hot days living outside on the balcony.   Having to sit inside wearing long trousers, sweaters and socks is not my idea of fun.

It also means the time is here to start checking all battery powered lights ready for the inevitable power cuts.   Admittedly these happen a lot less than they used to, but we still need to be prepared!

The currency conversion rate reached an all time high this week with 5 TL to £1.   I don’t remember ever seeing it this high before.

A quick reminder that although the clocks go back an hour in UK this weekend, they do not change in Turkey so there will be a 3 hour time difference between UK and Turkey until next Spring.

Some friends of ours have recently been telling us about their recent visit to Hotel Room Escape at Ovacik.   Apparently you have to solve clues to move from one room to another – read more about it at (CLICK HERE).

It’s sometimes interesting to check on expat articles to get information for trips etc.  This list in Daily Sabah (CLICK HERE) gives some I hadn’t heard of.

The end of October will see the gradual closing down of some shops and restaurants in Gocek.   I shall be particularly sorry to see Club Nen closing down for the winter – we have had some fabulous Indian meals there.    Never mind, there’s always next year to look forward to.