2nd July 2017

Goodness, it has been hot this week.  Friday and Saturday registered 44c – I like the heat but it’s even too much for me.   I don’t ever remember having to come home early from an afternoon session by the pool because it was just too hot.   Still, this coming week looks a bit cooler so perhaps we won’t have to hibernate indoors with the aircon on.
I am always fascinated by the immense history of this adopted country of ours.   This looks like a website to be dipped into from time to time.  It seems to cover every facet of wonderful Turkey.   Have a look (CLICK HERE).

This week’s Fethiye Times contains a vivid description of a recent holiday in Fethiye taken by two Ukrainian visitors.   Whilst I am so pro-Gocek I can’t accept there is anywhere nicer to stay, I did enjoy reading this article (CLICK HERE).

The town has been busier this week as it has been the Bayram holiday.   A few foreigners but mostly Turkish families.   There seem to have been a few coaches arriving with people going on boat trips and the parking has been absolutely terrible – I don’t know where all the cars come from.

We feed a few stray cats each day from our back balcony who appear morning and evening to wait for flying morsels of sausage etc.   Our landlord’s chicken have also realized now that the heavens rain sausages twice a day.   So we have a pitched battle between cats and chickens – luckily the cats usually win!

We are trying to book flights back to the UK for a short break in August but the prices are horrendous!   It doesn’t help encourage the flow of visitors to Turkey.