30th July 2017  

As promised last week, this is My Life in Wellington, where it is chilly, overcast and keeps spotting with rain.

We had a fairly good flight back, in spite of queuing for almost an hour at the check in desk!   Security was tight, as expected, but we had no problems – we are well trained.    Sadly the ban on laptops, Kindles etc. is still in force.

On my last farewell wander down the main street in Gocek I noticed that the new hotel opposite the Turkcell shop is now open (see photo).  Do we really need another hotel in the town?

If you are looking for somewhere on the beach to spend a day, take a look at this article in Fethiye Times about Aksazlar (CLICK HERE).  I must admit I have never heard of it but it sounds like an interesting day out.

I can’t believe the pictures of the floods in Istanbul;  particularly after we have been suffering from the heat in Gocek.   It just shows the differences in this huge country.

Hopefully we shall acclimatize to the drop in temperature over the next few days.   I was horrified today to see tomatoes on sale for £2.87 a POUND!!