30th September 2018

The season seems to be finishing early.   Gratis, the discount chemist in town, was closing up yesterday.   Considering it has apparently been one of the best seasons for years, this seems surprising.   Maybe they just haven’t attracted the customers?

We have been watching a series on BBC iPlayer called Francisco’s Mediterranean Voyage which follows a route from Venice to Istanbul.   Watching episode 10 last night which was entitled The Dodecanese, we were intrigued to find it included a trip to Dalyan!   It included some shots of the interior of one of the rock tombs – interesting.

This week’s Fethiye Times includes an article on Gocek bay with some amazing photos (CLICK HERE). I am a little puzzled by the description of Gocek as a marina village but the write-ups on the various bays are interesting.

As I am writing this, the skies are getting dark and there is thunder rolling around.   The forecast indicates that we may experience a hurricane today – unusual for this part of the world.   Hopefully it won’t be too horrendous but looks like we may have to batten down the hatches.  There are certainly a few market stalls missing.   No doubt the electricity will go off but our emergency lights are all charged up and I have downloaded enough TV programmes to keep us going.