31st January 2016

Well, we had a bit of excitement this week.  We held our monthly book club meeting at the Natural restaurant as this is one of the few restaurants in town with a live fire to keep us warm.   We were in the middle of ordering our food when one of the other customers suddenly pointed out that flames were licking through the top of the chimney by the wooden ceiling.   I can’t say that there was a wild panic but we retreated outside whilst the staff poured water through the roof which then, of course, pooled on the floor.  However, after about twenty minutes or so, we were able to go back inside and enjoy the warmth of an electric heater!  Certainly an unusually lively meeting.

Last week I briefly mentioned the new premises acquired by Gocek Strays.   My editor has reprimanded me for not giving the link to the December newsletter which gives much more detailed information (CLICK HERE) My apologies to all those who work so hard for the stray dogs in the area.

I came across this interesting article recently giving details of the various national parks in Turkey.  If you are planning some trips this year have a look at (CLICK HERE). They are situated all over the country so why not think about doing a bit of travelling?

I thought I would finish off with a few reminders of how magnificent sunset can be here.  Aren’t these photos amazing? (CLICK HERE)