31st July 2016

As usual, time is rushing past here in the UK, we are almost half way through our holiday already.

We are relieved to hear that life around Gocek still goes on as usual, in spite of the current situation elsewhere in Turkey.   However, in view of the increased need for security, this article (CLICK HERE) clarifies which documents need to be carried around whilst you are in Turkey.   I must admit I am not keen on carrying my passport around with me all the time, but it doesn’t sound as though there is any other option at the moment.

According to this article in Hurriyet Daily News (CLICK HERE) tourism numbers are continuing to fall – sad news for this beautiful country.   I read in a UK newspaper yesterday that Thomas Cook has cancelled 40% of its summer flights to Turkey. Not good news for the towns along our beautiful coast.
I have heard mention of the Calis Water Taxi on a number of occasions but really didn’t know much about it.   This article in Fethiye Times (CLICK HERE) gives a bit of information – it certainly sounds a pleasant way to travel between Fethiye and Calis.

We have been forced to put our central heating on for short periods in the evenings here – I can’t wait to get back to blue skies and sunshine….and aircon.