3rd April 2016 

As I mentioned last week, this is actually Life in Wellington as we are back in the UK for a couple of weeks.    We had a straightforward flight back although it took almost four and a half hours due to weather conditions.

I am now happily catching up with shopping and seeing friends and family.  It’s very cold, though, around 11 degrees most days.   Still, I can put up with it for two weeks, thank goodness for central heating!

We went into town the day before we left and it looks as if the new drugstore, Gratis, might well be finished by the time we come back.   A few more shops are open now – I just hope that the tourism estimates will be better than anticipated.

Now that the bowling alley is open again, we are getting back in practice.   Their prices have altered a little – see the link on the home page for the pricing, not only for bowling, but all the other activities they offer.    Incidentally, they do absolutely yummy burgers and great chips – well worth sampling.

There are some lovely photos in an article in Fethiye Times this week (CLICK HERE).  There are certainly plenty of frogs around but I haven’t spotted any storks yet.