3rd January 2016 

Well, that’s the first time I have written 2016 – a Happy New Year to you all.   Yes, we are back home and revelling in the blue skies and sunshine although there has been a very cold wind and rain is forecast for next week.   We had a good journey back although I have never seen so many armed policemen as there were at atwick (understandably).   The walkways were closed and we had to go into Departures in single file past armed police with tracker dogs.  Still, I would rather be safe.

As a special new year present, we are facing tax increases here on electricity, alcohol and tobacco (CLICK HERE) This article mentions beer and raki in the alcohol section but no mention of wine!
Still we shall find out next time we stock up.

We have just walked into town which has taken on its usual winter personality.  Lots of closed shops, the usual few restaurants, shops and cafes open and large groups of Turkish men sitting chatting.  However, we walked along the seafront looking at the amazing blue sea and comparing it with the dull grey Atlantic we saw last week.

Football is in full swing on the sports field,  there is a match in progress and the stands are full of spectators.   The Turks certainly love their football.

It’s a comforting thought that we are almost half way through the winter months already although the next couple are likely to be extremely wet.   Still, we reap the benefit during the summer.