3rd July 2016 

Thank goodness it has been a bit cooler this week.  The town is getting busier with the start of the extra-long bayram holiday to mark the end of Ramadan.   There are a few tourists coming in on boats but there are mainly Turks wandering around the town.

We had a new experience this week.  We were sitting having dinner at the Golge restaurant at the end of town when suddenly martial music began to play.   There was a group of musicians lining up, all dressed in very elaborate costumes.   Our waiter explained that they were dressed as Ottoman janissaries but we couldn’t quite understand why they were marching along to a stirring music.  They marched by us and into the square where they continued to play whilst people sat and ate following the end of fasting for that day.

For the first time in two years, I went out on a 12-island boat trip this week with a group of friends.   I had forgotten how lovely it is to glide slowly past little bays and pine-clad mountains and to swim in the clear blue sea.   (Hope you like the poetry!)   We went on Aviva 2 which is our boat of choice;  the food was good and they looked after us very well indeed.

So Ramadan ends on Tuesday so we can expect a few days of celebrating.   As this is Seker Bayram (sugar festival) the local children will be asking for sweets and even the supermarkets will have bowls of sweets available so you can help yourself.

Iyi bayramlar!!!