3rd September 2017 

Into September already, won’t be long before Christmas at this rate!

It’s been quite an eventful week.   As it’s a ten day public holiday, the town is full of mainly Turkish visitors.   We collected friends from the airport on Tuesday night and I have never seen it so busy.   They even closed the main car park as it was full and opened the coach park for private cars.  They were fighting to get down the ramp and tripping over suitcases.

It was interesting watching the Turkish visitors greet those who were meeting them.    Hugs, kisses, tears – the whole range of emotions – rather different to the subdued British greetings of low key kisses, hugs or just handshakes!

We had to drive into Fethiye one day – absolute chaos.   Masses of cars with drivers who didn’t appear to know where they were going….but the usual lack of signals, lane discipline etc.   We got back to Gocek as fast as possible and shan’t be driving anywhere until the holiday is over.

As usual, our landlady presented us with a large newly killed rib of lamb.   I am told that it will tenderize if I rub yoghurt all over it and keep it in the fridge for a new days – it’s worth a try.

To finish the week off, we were sitting on the balcony on Friday night enjoying our usual gin and tonic, when a gunshot rang out close by.   It was our landlord up in the forest to the side of us, apparently searching for something.   He was joined by a number of Turks and eventually the jandarma.   They spent about half an hour searching the woods without any obvious success.
When Yuksel came back I asked him what the problem was……strange people in the forest apparently!   Sadly I couldn’t find out any more.

So only this weekend to go and the holiday will be over and the town will hopefully return to normal.   Still, at least it has brought some trade to Gocek.