4th December 2016 

I am sitting looking out on an expanse of frosty grass which will tell you that is Life in Wellington.
We got back last night after a long journey.   We had to travel via Istanbul which was hell on earth.  I know Ataturk airport is always busy but it was absolutely heaving yesterday.   For the first time, I was very aware that we were in a foreign country, lots of ladies swathed in black – it made me realize how westernized we are in Gocek.

We had lovely weather in Gocek last week apart from Tuesday when it poured with rain, thunder rolled and huge flashes of lightning lit up the sky.   But as usual, Wednesday morning it was back to blue skies and sunshine.  

Following this year’s poor tourist season, I found this article in Fethiye Times interesting (CLICK HERE).  As some of you will know, I don’t hold a very high opinion of Dalaman Airport so it will be interesting to see if anything constructive comes out of this.

We have, of course, come back to Christmas trees, lights, all the usual December festivities.   It is always a great shock coming back from a country where life continues as normal to this barrage of commercialism.   OK, bah, humbug….I know.

We are here until early January by which time I shall be longing to get back to our real home, but in the meantime…….shopping!!