4th February 2018

Another pretty good week, weatherwise and next week forecasts temperatures around 22!   It really has been quite warm sitting on the balcony in the sun.  However, I think the Turks are getting a bit worried at the lack of rain as it will affect the land later on.   Even the frogs are croaking away in the canal.

The town is starting to wake up.  There has even been a bit of activity on the boats on the town quay, although it’s early days yet.

Café West has reopened.   It doesn’t look very different from outside but I am reliably informed that inside it has been well refurbished.

We took a wander the other day up towards Dim Elit to see what is happening.   To our surprise, Oguz’ Bar, Dell Marin, was open on the seafront with mine host sitting enjoying a snack.   After the rumours about the closure of Dice Bar, it looks as if they are replacing some of the timbers on the jetty so hopefully it will be business as usual this season.

There is an interesting article in Fethiye Times about a project to clean up the local beaches (CLICK HERE) I wish them the best of luck….the levels of rubbish just chucked around everywhere in Turkey is unbelievable.  You wouldn’t credit that we have daily rubbish bin collections – the roadside is so much easier!

On Saturday morning we looked out on the market place to find it full of taxis and minibuses.   I don’t know what was going on but after a couple of hours they all drove off.   Strange…..

So think of us next week hopefully basking in the sunshine and still enjoying an amazing exchange rate of 5.3tl to £1.