4th June 2017 

The summer has definitely arrived here.  Temperatures around 32 in the day and 18/19 at night.   The town is getting a bit busier but still needs a lot more visitors.

Those of you who have been reading Life in Gocek for a while will know that I tend to spend quite a bit of time in the summer at the Yagmur Hotel just up the road.    The hotel has had some problems over the last couple of years but is now being transformed.   There is a new owner and management team and they are really working hard to bring the place back to its original comforts.   They are working on a new website at the moment which will be interesting.    They have both apartments and hotel rooms which gives guests a good choice of accommodation.   I still think this is one of the nicest hotel swimming pools in Gocek and the gardens are beautiful now.   If you are around, go and have a look.

I am still intrigued sometimes by the different herbs and spices available here in Turkey.  This article in Fethiye Times (CLICK HERE) gives some interesting information and also, usefully, gives the Turkish names.

I recently received a snippet of news from a friend here which amused me.  

As you know, I have a bus pass.  I don't know where to get it topped up in Gocek (and couldn't find out when I asked at Zeki's) and seldom go in to Fethiye centre so today asked where in Ortaca.

To put money on a bus pass in Ortaca, you go to the public toilet in the bus station!  Not exactly the first (second or third) place I'd have guessed.  While I was getting the card sorted, two embarrassed-looking men obviously needed to pay their entry money quickly and weren't overjoyed by my presence.

It could only happen in Turkey!!