4th March 2018 

Spring is definitely on the way here although we had torrential rain one day this week.

We have just experienced one of those ‘well, this is Turkey’ moments.   Due to excessive cleaning (!) the knobs on our cooker are difficult to read now so we went into Dalaman the other day to the shop where we bought the cooker.   We explained that we wanted a new set of knobs and were rather surprised that the request had to go through the service centre.  Still, no problem, we were told that the knobs would arrive at our house on Saturday at 11a.m.    Very specific…but impressive.    So on Saturday at 10.30a.m. I had a phone call from Arcelik services to say that they were at the BP garage just up the road.   We assumed that they had the knobs and we just had to collect and pay for them.   So we zoomed up the road, only to discover that the two service engineers wanted to come to our apartment.  When they arrived, bringing a large toolbox with them, I explained that we just wanted a set of new knobs.    They proceeded to take photographs of the cooker, lots of data input and then they left, explaining that they would phone us when the knobs had arrived.   What a waste of time…..still, this is Turkey…..

We are really missing the bowling alley at the moment, it’s supposed to be opening some time this month so fingers crossed.

For quite a while now there has been talk of a tunnel from Gocek to Inlice.   I hear now that this is becoming more likely.   I know it will avoid the steep hill between the two places but it will be interesting to see how much it is used…..if and when it is built.

Sorry if I seem a little cynical this week…..I’ll get over it.