4th September 2016

I see the bollard fairies have been busy in Gocek.   We now have bollards round both sides of the jardarma building separating the lines of traffic!   I suspect this may be for security reasons but at least it should mean that we shan’t get large lorries taking up the entire road!

Kurban Bayram (the feast of sacrifice) is only a few days away now and apparently the government has announced an extension to the usual holiday.   Public offices will now be closed for a full nine days from 16th September (CLICK HERE). The usual warning for anyone here about making sure you have enough cash – the bank cash machines usually run out during such a long holiday.

Kurban Bayram is traditionally the time when households slaughter a sheep or a goat and give food to their neighbours.   I am sure that once again our landlady will appear at our door to give us a bowl of newly slaughtered and quickly cooked meat.   I appreciate the kind gesture….but do find that the meat needs long slow cooking!

Once again, there will be pathetic cries from the animals tethered across the market place, waiting for their last buyers!

It is starting to cool down a bit now and there is still a fantastic breeze coming from the sea.   The town still has quite a lot of foreign visitors, mainly coming from yachts moored in the marina.   However, last Sunday the market was incredibly quiet – they started packing up mid afternoon.   Not good for the stallholders.