5th August 2018

Thank goodness the weather has improved a bit from the first few cold days of our UK holiday.

We visited the North Devon Agricultural Show last week.   I had forgotten what a peculiarly British event a Show can be.    Lots of farmers in wellies with dogs, kids running around and huge tractors and combine harvesters everywhere.   Still, the food stalls were worth investigating;  lots of lovely cheeses, pies, pasties and chutneys.   Worth a visit but a couple of hours was enough.

We made a grave mistake by travelling from Somerset up to the Midlands on Friday.   The holiday traffic was horrendous.   It took us six hours to do what would normally be a three hour drive.   Remind me not to moan about driving to Fethiye again.

I am really missing the range of fruit you are getting in Turkey at the moment.   OK, you can get peaches, cherries, apricots etc.  but the prices are horrendous.   Still Pete is enjoying good old traditional ale and I am relishing the odd glass of Pimms.

I'm afraid this isn't a very long blog this week but life is quiet here compared with the excitement of watching life from our balcony in Turkey.   Maybe more next week.....