5th February 2017 

Most of the news this week revolves around road works!   Here in Gocek, almost the whole of the main shopping street has been dug up and is pretty difficult to walk down.   Access to most of the shops is quite difficult and, for the first time in the sixteen years we have been coming to Gocek, Zeki, the newsagent is closed.   Hopefully this is only because of the dirt and mess – I can’t believe he has closed permanently.

We had to go into Dalaman on Friday and it’s even worse there.   It looks as if they are putting a new sewer right down the centre of the main shopping street there.   It’s difficult even to cross from one side of the road to the other and you can’t drive up or down – which means finding your way around the mass of small side streets.

Still, I imagine they will finish pretty quickly although today’s rain won’t help.

Turkey is featured in this week’s BBC edition of The Travel Show.   It includes some news on the excavation of the underground city in Nevsehir and some footage of the whirling dervishes in Konya.  Not mind-blowing TV but worth a quick look.

It’s a bit depressing to read this article in Hurriyet Daily News regarding the rate of inflation here. (CLICK HERE).  It’s just as well the exchange rate with sterling is pretty good.   Still, at least we don’t seem to have the same shortages of fruit and vegetables that the UK is suffering at the moment – oranges and lemons are still rotting on the ground after falling from the trees.

We have enjoyed the unexpected opening of Switch bowling for the last few weeks.   I was delighted to hear that they are opening again for 3 days from 16th -18th February – it’s in the diary!