5th June 2016

The temperature hit 30 degrees this week – absolutely wonderful.

The town is still fairly quiet.   I went into Fethiye market on Tuesday.   There were quite a few tourists but the stallholders are obviously getting panicky at lack of trade and this is making them very pushy.   My daughter looked at a watch and was quoted 150tl.    This then came down to 120tl and ended up at 50!!  

As we walked along by the fish market, I was stopped by a young man outside a shop who asked me if I knew if many British tourists would be coming this year – he was a total stranger but obviously heard me speaking English.

I was copied in on this email regarding the 120 day rule – makes interesting reading.

We are in the process of renewing our Ikamets. We pretty much knew that my wife had gone over the 120 days out of the country in the last 12 months but when we began the process the guy in the office only asked me if I had gone over to which the honest answer was no. He did not ask my wife.

So the applications were processed and we were sent off to the Maliye to pay our almost 300TL each costs. Having done this and returning to his office we were greeted with "man ok, woman big problem". I had been out something like 85 days but she had rattled up an impressive 126 due mainly to responsibilities following her mother's death. To cut what turned into quite a long exchange short it emerged that she would have to make a new (first time) application, 370 odd TL, and pay a fine, 180TL. So in total an extra cost of something like 550TL. It was not clear if the fine would've been more had she rattled up more days out. (Note that she lost the 300TL fee for the first application.)

There was also an alternative offered which involved going to Meis and beginning a new application on return for some ludicrous reason but it seemed as if following that path would've cost about the same and involved a lot more mither. So back to the Maliye it was as if we were two characters in a Kafka novel.

My wife’s existing ikamet was the new type (credit card) and mine the blue book type.

There is also an interesting snippet on the suspension of Paypal accounts in Turkey (CLICK HERE)  I think this only applies to Paypal accounts registered in Turkey using Turkish bank accounts but I will try to find out more.

Ramazan starts tomorrow morning so we are waiting for extra loud calls to prayer and lots of drumming.