5th November 2017

Remember, remember the fifth of November – I don’t suppose there will be many fireworks in Gocek tonight!

It was the end of an era in Gocek this week with the closing of Zeki’s newsagents near the square in town.   Apparently he has been there for 25 years but has had to move as the building is being demolished and rebuilt.    Luckily he has got a smaller shop just round the corner but I can’t see how he will get all his stock in.   It has always been such an Aladdin’s cave – he seemed to produce whatever you wanted from behind the counter.     I hope he continues to do well.

We had the first wedding of the autumn under the market place last night – the usual drumming, tootling and dancing which went on till midnight.

I see the British Ambassador is confident that more British tourists will visit Turkey next year (CLICK HERE)  I do like the last line of this article.

Apparently a factory producing human-like robots has opened in Konya.   It will be interesting to see if they have Turkish time inbuilt into their mechanisms! (CLICK HERE).

The weather is definitely changing now.   We had a couple of dull cloudy days this week and the nights are definitely getting colder.   Still, I understand we are still considerably warmer than the UK!   We shall find out ourselves in three weeks.