6th August 2017

We have been in the UK for just over a week now;  it seems a lot longer.     Very little sunshine, lots of rain and for me, it’s still cold.   A 20 degree drop in temperature means fleeces, socks and central heating.

However, the West Country in August is still absolutely beautiful.   Everything is so green (due to the rain!) and there is hardly a pine tree in sight.

There are lots of tourists around (more than in Gocek) and it has been sad this week to hear of a number of major accidents on the local roads.

Whilst for me, walking means a gentle amble, I know that a lot of people enjoy serious trekking through the countryside.   Having enjoyed tales from friends about the Lycian Way, I enjoyed this article in Daily Sabah about various other walking routes in Turkey (CLICK HERE).  Maybe it will inspire some of you!

Any of you who rent out properties in Turkey may be interested in this article in Land of Lights (CLICK HERE) It’s best to be on the safe side in Turkey!

Only two weeks to go now before we return to Gocek and there’s a lot of shopping to do!