6th March 2016 

So spring definitely arrived this week.  On Tuesday the temperature was 26 degrees and I walked into town without the usual layers of fleeces etc.   The trees by the canal have suddenly turned green and we saw our first tortoise in the garden.   The downside is that we have had two nights of rain and thunder but never mind, after a relatively dry winter, we need some rain.

The big news in town is that Tansas has closed.   As it is owned by the same company as Migros, it isn’t too surprising (we already have two Migros) but it will be interesting to see who takes it over.

Apparently a new shop has opened in the Erasta shopping mall selling local produce (CLICK HERE)   We haven’t visited it yet but I will let you know what it’s like when we have been there.

For those of you still dreading an application for residency, this article giving details of the online process might be helpful (CLICK HERE)   The final sentence regarding renewals is also interesting.

I told you a little last week about our recent trip to Ephesus.   Sadly I ran out of space before I could say a bit about the museum in Selcuk which has recently been renovated.   It is very impressive, well laid out and the labelling system is very clear and easy to read (useful for those like me!).   We also climbed up to the Basilica of Saint John and the castle, both of which are well worth a visit.