6th May 2018  

Only three more days left now in the UK before we travel back to the sunshine.   The weather here has been miserable, chilly, wet, cloudy…..well, what do you expect from an English spring?    Still, it’s Bank Holiday weekend, the traffic reports are shocking and the forecast is good.

I was interested to read this article in Fethiye Times about Antalya. (CLICK HERE). We have visited the city on several occasions and I do enjoy wandering around the old town.

I see there are elections in Turkey coming up on 24th June – no doubt this means loudspeaker vans driving round and round, playing martial music and shouting slogans.

Do you fancy owning your very own ancient city?   Do you have a spare 35million Turkish lira?   Then the city of Bargylia near Bodrum can be yours. (CLICK HERE). It does seem extraordinary that something like this can still be privately owned.

The new international terminal at Dalaman was due to open on 28th April.  I can’t find any info on a grand opening.   Judging by the state of the building three weeks ago when we flew back to the UK, I shall be very surprised if it is open yet.   We shall see on Wednesday.