6th November 2016 

What a change in the weather – only a few days ago, we were still enjoying blue skies and sunshine.   We still have the blue skies and sunshine from time to time, but the temperatures out of the sun have definitely dropped and the nights are getting chilly.   OK, I know, compared with the UK…..

I love the way bizarre things happen in Turkey.  We have been looking for some new balcony chairs for quite a while and found some which we liked in a shop in Fethiye this week.   As it was the end of the season, we got a really good deal (which is always pleasing) and whilst we were waiting for the paperwork, the assistant came up to me and offered me ‘a present’.   I know this is not unusual in this hospitable country….but to be given a model of the Eiffel Tower in the packet marked ‘Paris’ in a garden shop in Fethiye…..

I’m very glad I wasn’t in Fethiye last Thursday.  According to this article in Fethiye Times (CLICK HERE) a major crisis response exercise took place replicating the after effects of an earthquake.  I must say the pictures in the article indicate that the whole thing was pretty realistic.   Let’s hope the real thing never happens.

I was amused by this article, also in Fethiye times, about what to do with the massive cabbages being sold in the markets at the moment (CLICK HERE).   The recipes sound interesting but cabbage every day for a week?   I don’t think so.