7th February 2016 

Zeki the newsagents in town, was closed when I walked past this morning.   In the 16 years I have been coming to Gocek,  I never remember him being closed before – do hope all is OK.

This article caught my eye the other day debating the difference, if any, between expats and migrants.    I must admit it had never occurred to me, but I found it interesting. (CLICK HERE).

Many of you will have visited the extraordinary ruined village of Kaykoy, the other side of Fethiye.  This article (CLICK HERE) gives an interesting, and I think totally believable, view on the way nature is eroding the ruins.  (I love the photo of the goats).

The town is still incredibly quiet, although I don’t suppose it will be very long now before the annual renovations start.   I noticed today that Char Up (the unfortunately named deli next to Madam Coco) had its doors open but whether they are trading or not remains to be seen!   Madam Coco has remained open all winter and seems to have been doing good business (maybe something to do with the 70% discount!!)

I’ve just walked down past the canal and the frogs have started….ilkbahar gelecek!!!