7th January 2018 

I am so pleased to be back in sunny Turkey.   It was 21 degrees in town yesterday and the forecast is showing high temperatures for the next few days.

We have had a frantic week.   We drove up to Gatwick on Tuesday, fortunately missing the worst of the weather, although the wind was strong and the traffic was heavy.  For the first time, we were able to check our hold luggage in that evening which made life a lot easier when we traveled early on Wednesday morning.   The flight was full but uneventful.

However, our troubles started when we got home.   The heater in our bedroom had packed up and even worse, our freezer had also died on us, leaving masses of rotting, slimy, smelly food.
Luckily our contents insurance covered us for food replacement and a new freezer, if required.   We had to take photographs of all the ruined items (a lovely job) and then, of course, we had to dispose of it all.    On Friday the engineer came and much to our surprise, was able to fix the freezer and then the insurance assessor arrived so it was a pretty busy day.

We had a lovely walk along the seafront yesterday and also down the main street.   We knew it was going to happen but it was quite a surprise to see that Zeki’s newsagents has completely disappeared (see photo).   Apart from that, it’s very quiet, only a few restaurants open….but it’s that time of year.

Sorry it’s been so personal this week but I will try to find some interesting news for next week.