5th March 2017 

Spring is definitely on the way here even though we had a mega-storm a couple of days ago.  Temperatures are steadily going up and trees are showing signs of greenery.

The main road in town gets worse and worse.  They are now digging massive trenches for the new pipework and, particularly after the recent heavy rain, it was like a swamp.   Thank goodness we can walk down the seafront instead!

If anyone is looking for a holiday on the water this year, have a look at (CLICK HERE).   This catamaran is owned by a good friend of ours and would be ideal for a group of friends who fancy a comfortable excursion round this part of Turkey.

If you don’t want a long trip but fancy an hour or so under the water, Antalya might provide the answer with a new submarine driving experience.   (CLICK HERE) isn’t my sort of experience but might appeal to the more adventurous of my readers.

I am sometimes puzzled by Turkish cooking utensils which are quite unlike those I am used to.  A recent article in Fethiye Times identifies some of these unfamiliar objects – and maybe will inspire you to try some of them out. (CLICK HERE)