7th May 2017

This really is Life in Gocek this week!   I woke up to blue skies and bright sunshine (that is after being woken at 3.45 a.m. by the cockerel crowing outside our bedroom window)!   It’s market day and life is back to normal.

We had a good journey back.   The flight landed early and the airport was heaving!   I can’t remember the last time we had to be bussed to the terminal.   There were huge queues at Passport Control, although in fairness we only waited 24 minutes to get through.    Chatting to people as we queued, it was interesting that although many people were return visitors, there were a few people who had never visited Turkey before.  Maybe things are getting better.

Luckily we sailed through Customs, I think there were so many people going through, it would have been impractical to scan everyone.   We had a very helpful taxi driver who even offered to take our (extremely heavy) suitcases up to our second floor flat.    This really was a great help.

So now life is back to normal.  We had a great time in the UK seeing friends and family and visiting interesting places but my heart is definitely in this wonderful adopted country of ours.   Roll on summer!