7th October 2018

After last weekend’s mega thunderstorms, the weather has returned to normal this week.  Blue skies, sunshine, the occasional cloud, but temperatures hovering around 30 degrees in the daytime.   The evenings and nights are getting a little cooler which makes a good night’s sleep more likely. 

I discovered some good news for those of us planning to return to the UK for Christmas.   Thomas Cook are continuing direct flights from Dalaman to Gatwick throughout the winter until 6th January – the prices at the moment are pretty good too.   Worth having a look.   They are not my favourite airline but at least we don’t have to spend hours waiting at Istanbul.

A propos of waiting at Istanbul, I see from this article in Fethiye Times that the Istanbul New Airport will be opening at the end of this month (CLICK HERE.) Let’s hope it is more prepared than the new terminal at Dalaman.

I mentioned last week that the drugstore, Gratis, had closed early.   Apparently they will not be reopening although I don’t know the exact reason.  Still, we have enough chemists in Gocek to keep us going!

We have a busy week ahead.   Today we are going to the Natural restaurant for the Dogs Dinner run by the local Animal Aid organization.   It’s a lovely setting in the garden and the food, prepared by volunteers, is always delicious.   The organization does such great work for abandoned animals here, so it’s a pleasure to support it.

On Tuesday, we are off to our favourite Hotel Canada at Cirali, near Antalya.   We have been going at least twice a year for the last ten years or so, so it’s just like going home.  Really looking forward to it.